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LEAVE AND LIVE – Summer Fire Campaign

Victorians urged to take responsibility for fire safety

Victorians have been urged to take responsibility for their own fire safety with the launch of the state’s annual Summer Fire Campaign.

 The campaign was launched at a time when CFA research shows that a growing number of Victorians believe they will receive an official warning of a threatening fire.

At the launch, Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley reminded Victorians to take responsibility for their own fire safety.

“This summer, it’s your responsibility to understand your fire risk, monitor the conditions around you, and know what you’re going to do if a fire starts,” Mr Lapsley said.

“On hot, dry, windy days, fires can start and spread quickly. Use Fire Danger Ratings to decide when to leave.  Fire Danger Ratings are not a weather forecast – they tell you how dangerous a fire would be if one started. As the ratings increase, so does your risk of fire.

“If the Fire Danger Rating is Severe, Extreme or Code Red, you’re risking your life if you wait and see. Leaving early is the safest option to protect yourself and your family,” he said.

Mr Lapsley also urged Victorians to check fire warnings, which are issued when a fire has started.

“There are three different levels of warnings – Advice, Watch and Act and Emergency Warning. Make sure you understand the three levels of warnings and what they mean,” he said.

The campaign, which runs until the end of February, prompts all Victorians to be better prepared against the threat of bush and grassfire to minimise injury and the loss of life.

For information on how to prepare for fire and stay safe this summer, visit or ring the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667, and download the FireReady app.

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